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Andrea Pole is a Human and Animal Therapist, qualified in physiotherapy, massage and spinal manipulation with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. She trained alongside Ronnie Longford, (the first McTimoney Chiropractor in the UK) for many years whilst establishing her own practice. She has worked in Dubai, Canada and extensively within the UK. Andrea now works with some of the top equine yards and names.

Andrea Pole, Human and Animal Therapist

Andrea worked for The College of Animal Physiotherapy, teaching training days on the Diploma Course and CPD’s in Animal Physiotherapy. Andrea was asked to write and teach their Equine Massage Certificate together with writing the anatomy and physiology section for both equine and canine courses.

Andrea has founded Equine Massage Training (UK) to provide students with a high quality course which furnishes them with the skills and knowledge to work within the equine industry as competent massage therapists. The course content has been developed to provide students with an in depth anatomy and physiology base with a strong practical emphasis on palpation and technique. Andrea is passionate about her work and teaching, her enthusiasm always comes over in her courses. It is very important to her that she passes on her knowledge and experience to others to improve the welfare and care of animals.

Andrea is also a qualified Advanced Equine Dentist with the WWAED (World Wide Association of Equine Dentistry). She wrote the WWAED Advanced Dentistry training course and examination which was accepted by the BEVA (British Equine Veterinary Association) and RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons), as an industry standard.

Andrea is fully insured, she is a member of IAAT, the International Association of Animal Therapists, and has recently been accepted as a member of RAMP, the newly formed BEVA approved voluntary register for animal musculoskeletal practitioners.

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